PBS Kids: Cyberchase

Cyberchase is a show about a group of tech-savvy kids who love to use technology to learn about the world around them. A key component of this group, known as the “CyberSquad,” is their ethical use of technology and the Internet to explore the information superhighway in a safe and secure way.

At pbskids.org/cyberchase, find a wealth of interactive games, adventures, and challenge quests for students to engage in.

The Parent/Teacher section contains materials to help maximize your use of the sites’ materials by way of a site tour, lessons and activities, a search-the-site tool, and upcoming Cyberchase news.

If you have difficulty accessing actual episodes of the show from the PBSkids website, you can find several episodes on their YouTube page. Go to YouTube.com and search PBS kids Cyberchase.