Website of the Week: Incredibox

Incredibox – An experiment in sounds (Gr. 3-12)

Incredibox is an interactive website that allows you to experiment with sounds, rhythm and vocals. Available in English and French, the music is reminiscent of a cappella music or music without the use of musical instruments save the human voice. At the composition screen, choose from one of the five sound groups and drag it onto the “people field.” Once a person has been given a sound, another person is automatically generated. If you want to delete a sound, simply click on the person to remove him from the lineup.


  • This site can be a great example to students on the power and diversity that the human voice has. Students taking a music or chorus class could use the site to study rhythm and how sounds interact with one another.
  • While the site does not provide any tools to record or download the musical compositions students create, one could use a program like GarageBand and Apple’s built-in microphone to record the audio coming from the speakers. The quality may not be ideal, but this will give students the opportunity to contribute their own voices to the composition.

experiment with rhythm and sound