Website of the Week: History Animated

History Animated – Conflicts in U.S. History (Gr. 5-12)

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, a good animation is worth ten thousand.”

History Animated brings the study of U.S. conflicts to life using maps, simple animations, and sound effects. Currently the site offers animated content on The American Revolution, The Civil War and World War II: The Pacific Campaign, with work in progress on World War II: The Battle of Britain. Battles are animated off of a map showing troop movements, points of conflict, and captions describing the strategies of the parties involved.


  • This site lends itself very nicely to use with an interactive whiteboard where students can come up and interact with the events.
  • Each time the site animates a stage of the story, ask students to role-play and attempt to provide dialog from the involved parties. For example, when BLANK is captured by one of Gage’s patrols, what might Paul Revere have said to the British soldiers?

The Battle of Concord & Lexington