Website of the Week: Historypin

Historypin – Pin your history to the world (Gr. 4-12)

Historypin is a beta project in collaboration with Google Maps to showcase the world as it once was. The idea is for students to make connections with older people in their communities and obtain photographs from times gone by. Students then scan these old photographs into the computer and pin them to a Google map representing the location that the picture was taken at. Anyone can then compare the images from the past to the images of the present using Google’s “street view” feature. NOTE: A Google account is required in order to upload photos to the site.


  • This can be a great community service opportunity for students to interact with and engage a whole other generation full of ideas, stories, and images. Students can not only learn about their communities as they once were, but the people who grew up in them as well.

Pin your history to the world