Website of the Week: Snag Learning

Snag Learning – Documentary films as educational tools (Gr. K-12)

An educational division of Snag Films, Snag Learning offers free access to documentary videos on a variety of topics. Snag has collected videos from such sources as National Geographic, PBS, Sundance and more. You can browse their archive of over 275 films by subject, grade level (kindergarten up to and including college level) and channel.


  • When you make a video selection, scroll down below the video to find a list of guiding questions that Snag Learning provides with all of its videos. Use these questions to ignite group discussions and/or to assess comprehension.
  • Because Snag Learning videos can be accessed over the web for free, students who are absent could access the videos from home.
  • NOTE: Keep in mind the reliability of your school network to stream these videos, especially when it comes to the longer films.

Documentary Video Archive

My thanks to FreeTech4Teachers for sharing this find.