Website of the Week: Road To Grammar

Road To Grammar – Quizzes, games, & lessons for English language learners (Gr. K-12)

Road To Grammar is a great site full of useful tools for students to use for practice and to quiz each other on a variety of grammar rules. Teachers can use the quizzes for pre- or post-assessments on a variety of grammar skills. There are 365 quizzes available, covering topics from adjectives and computer words to passive voice and was vs. were.

In addition, check out Road To Grammar Jr. with 182 “easy” quizzes included in a total of 350 designed for younger, elementary level students.


  • The interactive quizzes can easily be integrated with an interactive white board to include the whole class in a variety of review activities.
  • The five interactive flash games can be used individually for students or break the class up into teams and play off of an LCD projector or interactive white board.

Road To Grammar:

Road To Grammar Jr:

Thanks to Free Tech for Teachers for sharing this find.


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