Website of the Week: Geocube

Geocube: The world of Geography at your fingertips (Gr. 5-10)

Created as a result of a European initiative by the European Network for Geography in Higher Education, Geocube provides students with a unique way to explore a variety of geographical topics. Based on the rubrics cube puzzle game, the site has grouped its information into six topics/sides: Exploring Our World, Living Together, Earth from all Angles, Useful Geographies, Shrinking Planet and The Fascinating Earth. Clicking on the center square of any side will zoom the student into the side and display a grid with nine sub-topics. Clicking on a sub-topic will display more detailed information on topics such as nature, water pollution, migration, poverty and more. Students can access text, images, and even a video or two.


  • Use this site as a way to start conversations with students on issues that are important to them.
  • A good resource to help students narrow down a topic for research projects.


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