Website of the Week: Plagiarisma.Net

Plagiarisma.Net – Online Plagiarism Checker (Gr. 3-12)

When you combine the amount of information available via the Internet and the ease with which any user can use the Copy & Paste commands, the potential for students to plagiarise is growing more and more rampant. Often students don’t even realize that they are plagiarizing. Enter  Plagiarisma.Net and their online checker tool which provides three ways to check if your writing could be red-flagged:

  • Copy & Paste your text into the box provided, which claims to support 190+ languages.
  • Enter the URL of a webpage to check the entire contents of the page.
  • Upload a file; a list of file extensions supported by this tool can be found just below the tool button.

To take full advantage of the site you will need to register, but registration is free!


  • Every teacher should stress the importance of students writing original content and properly citing sources whenever possible. Include this site as a tool during the editing or peer review process.

Thanks to Free Tech for Teachers for sharing this find.


2 thoughts on “Website of the Week: Plagiarisma.Net

  1. I have used this site in the past, but a colleague warned me against using because he was convinced it archived writing. We switched to academicplagiarism just to be safe.

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