BONUS Website #2: Math By Design

Math By Design – Put on your thinking caps! (Gr. 6-10)

Get your hard hat on and prepare to get down and dirty with geometry,  measurement and other math challenges. Mayor Barnum has contracted you for two major community projects: Renovate the Flossvile Town Park and design the new Windjammer Environmental Center.

Each project comes with a list of tasks to complete. For each task, students can request additional “details” on the task, click on “hints” if they get stuck, and when finished choose “check my work” to see how they did. Each completed task comes with a “Make the Math Connection” where students connect with the math concept(s) that are behind the activities. While the site does not require a login to use, creating a free account will allow students to keep track of their progress and  allow teachers  spread the activity over several days.


  • This is a great site to illustrate how math skills can be used to contribute to the improvement of one’s community.

Thanks to TeachersFirst for sharing this find.


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