BONUS Website #3: Tag Galaxy

Tag Galaxy – A new way to search for Flickr images (Gr. 2-12)

The result of a graduation thesis project by Steven Wood, Tag Galaxy introduces an interactive “out-of-this-world” vehicle for searching images from Type a search term or “tag” into the search box and watch as the entry becomes the sun of a solar system with orbiting planets displaying related tags. Click on one of the planet “tags” to narrow your search parameters. Clicking on the sun takes  you to a zoomed in view where the surface begins to be covered by Flickr images tagged with your search term. Click on any image to see a detailed view and description of the image. You can even go directly to Flickr to see the full photo-stream and other information.


  • Use this site to teach students about keyword searching and the use of tags when uploading content to the Internet. Tags can be applied not just to images but YouTube videos  and blog posts.

Thanks to TeachersFirst for sharing this find.


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