Website of the Week: The Universe

The Universe (Gr. 6-12)

From the History Channel series with the same name, The Universe has an impressive interactive library along with video clips from the TV series for students to explore. Make sure you check out the Interactive Universe applet that contains descriptions and beautiful images of 12 celestial bodies and 8 other space phenomena. Below that you will find a small collection of videos and links to specific pages on the planets of the solar system. In the menu bar on the left-hand side there is a link to subscribe to the site’s media feed via iTunes.

NOTE: There are some minor ads displayed on the site and at the beginning of the video clips.


  • If you do an astronomy unit then this is a site that should definitely be in your toolbox.
  • Students can explore independently or as a class on an interactive whiteboard.
  • Some of the text in the planetary bios is pretty heavy, so this is a good place to teach students about skimming the literature and using the “Find” command to seek out keywords. (Windows: Ctrl+F | Mac: Command+F)

Thanks to TeachersFirst for sharing this find.


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