Google Apps Tip – Speech2Text w/Chrome

Google Translate

Working with a student where there is a language barrier can be a very frustrating experience. Both parties are smart, knowledge, and communicative…but they just don’t understand one another. Enter Google Translate, which provides the simple tool of converting text from one language into that of another (there are currently 63 to choose from). Add Google’s web browser, Google Chrome, to the mix and you now have a simple yet free speech-2-text utility. The system can only handle short phrases at a time, but that can be enough to help student and teacher bridge the language gap and begin building and understanding.


  • Go to/download the Google Chrome web browser
  • Go to
  • Set the From: box to your language and the To: box to the language of your partner.
  • When ready, press the microphone icon in the bottom-left corner of the box to begin recording (red arrow below).
  • When you finish speaking, Translate will convert your speech into the text of your language, then translate it into the other language.
  • NOTE: Once text is entered, both boxes come with speakers that will prompt Google Translate to speak the words aloud (blue arrows below).


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