Website of the Week: NextUp (Gr. K-12)

NextUp – Your Meeting, Your Schedule

NextUp is a simple web tool that allows you to create an agenda, tag it with a time duration, then start the countdown when your meeting begins. To start, choose a title for your schedule. Then, begin entering in the stages or steps in the order that you want your group to follow. To the right of each heading, enter the minutes and seconds you would like your group to spend on each stage. Use the “Add Another Topic” button to add as many steps as you need. When complete, click the “Create Agenda” button to advance to the final screen. The schedule will not actually start until you click on the “Start the Meeting” button.

NOTE: Make sure you fill out both the minutes and the seconds place in the duration box. Failure to include both will prompt the site to think your times are in seconds only. In addition, please be aware that you cannot save your schedule for reuse.


  • Use this tool to help your students stay on task and give each stage of an activity the correct amount of time and attention.
  • Use this tool for quick creative writing activities.
  • This could be a helpful tool during debate activities and/or student speeches.
  • Encourage students who have time management difficulties to use this when doing homework, for example, to schedule stretch breaks.


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