Website of the Week: QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator (Gr. 4-12)

QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator – Get students using their mobile devices to move and to learn.

If you’ve ever been shopping at just about any type of store, you’ve seen the bar codes they use to quickly scan and record the price of each item. Recently, a variant of the bar code called the QR Code has emerged. These codes are designed to be scanned by smart phones in order to quickly and easily distribute information for a variety of purposes. Enter QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator, a website that uses QR codes to generate a scavenger hunt for use with students armed with smart phones and other devices with built-in cameras. This site allows you to create a list of questions that you want students to answer, then tags each question with its own unique QR code. Print off the QR codes and place the sheets around the classroom, school, or community for students to find and let the treasure hunt begin!

An example can be found by clicking here.

Make sure to follow the website instructions for how to format your treasure hunt questions. Most smart phones and media devices with built-in cameras have some sort of scanner app. to use on the QR codes and are often free to download.


  • Use this activity to show students a positive, educational way to use smart phones in school.
  • This is a great idea for getting students up-and-out of their chairs and moving around as they attempt to complete the treasure hunt.


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