Mathnet & Mathman (Gr. 1-8)

Mathnet/Mathman – Show segments on YouTube

If you don’t follow Richard Byrne’s blog Free Technology for Teachers then I strongly recommend you do so. In a recent post, Richard shared his discovery of episodes of Mathnet and Mathman, popular segments from the PBS television show Square One. For those who don’t know:

  • Mathnet is a spoof of Dragnet with the obvious theme of mathematics. Students follow “math” officers Kate Monday and George Frankly as they help unravel math mysteries involving numbers, patterns, geometry, algebra and more.
  • Mathman is a spoof of the popular game Pac-Man. Mathman must search out numbers according to the rule of the day (e.g. prime numbers, multiples of 5+2, shapes that are pentagons). If Mathman gets one wrong, the deplorable Mr. Glitch gets to eat him.

Below are sample videos from each show segment. I will also include links to a YouTube playlist of each show so that you can browse for episodes that could go with your lessons. And for more information, please check out Richard’s blog post on this topic at Free Technology for Teachers.

  • YouTube playlist: Mathnet (19 episodes)
  • YouTube playlist: Mathman (11 episodes)

Mathnet Episode: The Case of the Missing Air

Mathman Episode: 5x + 2


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