Google Apps Tip – Signature Tweaks

One of my big irritants when I started using Gmail was when I would reply to an email. My cursor would be waiting at the top of the box for me to begin typing, but my saved signature would be inserted at the very, very bottom of the email response after all of the quoted conversations that had come before. My signature includes my work address, phone number and other contact information that receivers of my email response might find useful. So why would I want them to have to scroll down through the entire conference thread just to find my signature?

Enter the Signature Tweaks lab. Created by Keith C and Dave C, this lab reconfigures how Gmail prepares an email response so that while your cursor is still positioned at the top of the text box, your saved signature is automatically inserted just a few lines below. In my opinion this configuration makes much more sense for clarity of who said what and where one response ends and the next one begins.

To enable this gadget on your account, go to the Labs tab in Gmail Settings and search for “signature.”

Screenshot of signature tweaks lab


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