Website of the Week: 24/7 Science (Gr. K-8)

24/7 Science – The best projects and activities whenever you want!

From the Lawrence Hall of Science, this website is chalk full of interactive games and activities covering a wide variety of science topics. The first collection of activities are designed to be hands-on with titles like Sticky Situations and How Old is Your Penny? The second collection of activities are designed to be interactive games and challenges, organized into categories such as Arcade Games, Earth & Space, nanoZone, and Quizzes. I tried my hand at the Alien Juice Bar, where I had to serve a clientele that only consume acids, bases, or neutral drinks. The site is still under development and notes that an educational resources section is forthcoming.


  • Here is another example of a website who can suggest ideas and activities to integrate into your lessons without having to re-invent the wheel.
  • The interactive games section can act as both an introduction to a topic of study or a wrap-up activity to help students prepare for a final assessment.

Alien Juice Bar Activity:

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