Website of the Week: Copyright Q&A (Gr. 3-8)

Copyright Q&A – Quoting, paraphrasing information, and citing sources

This simple website asks some of the most common questions surrounding copyright law and citing sources. Once you enter the classroom, use your cursor to hover over a student to make them raise their hand and ask a question. Click on the student or question bubble to get an answer. Click on the More Questions button to return to the computer lab classroom. And while the activity is designed for a 4th grade audience, we all could use some brushing-up from time to time on the rules of copyright.


  • With students continuing to increase their digital footprint by contributing more and more content to the web, it is important to instruct students on how and under what circumstances they can use other peoples’ work in their projects.
  • Use this site to help justify to students the importance of learning how to construct a bibliography and give credit where credit is due.
  • The site could be also used to explain to students why we ask to use other peoples’ work and how to apply copyright or creative commons restrictions to their own pieces of work that they want to publish.


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