Website of the Week: How To Do Research (Gr. 1-8)

How To Do Research – A virtual tour

Created by the Kentucky Virtual Library Work-group, this site is a virtual step-by-step map of how to conduct research using old and new resources laid out in a game board theme. The tour/game board is broken down in five sections:

  1. Plan
  2. Search for Information
  3. Take Notes
  4. Use the Information
  5. Report
  6. Evaluate

Each section of the game board is an active link to its own page with a description, examples, and ideas for how to use the resource or apply the strategy to your project. There is also a handy glossary page that can help students with unfamiliar terminology in both research and technology subjects.


  • Learning how to research a topic and what tools are available to help with this process is a big deal. Having an online reference with so much information squeezed into a nicely mapped layout is a welcomed asset.
  • Have students create their own “research game board” that includes the specific tools and resources your school library provides and the resources you promote in your classroom.


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