How-To Tech Tip: This is How Twitter Works

Mom, This is how Twitter works – Handy tips for everyone!

For those of you who may not know, Twitter is a popular social networking service that allow users to share news, events, and links with one another via posts that must be 140 characters or less. Some people use Twitter to share resources with colleagues within their own PLN (Personal Learning Network). Others use it to gather feedback from a workshop, conference, or professional development event. But how do you know the rules for what to “tweet,” to whom you want the tweet to go to, and how information is shared?

Enter Jessica Hische, who has created a great visual tutorial with examples and clear explanations on how to use Twitter. Jessica walks you through who see what when you tweet, how is direct messaging different from regular tweeting, what re-tweets are, how hashtags work, and the difference between Twitter and Facebook. Each example comes with screenshots that represent what the actual Twitter post would look like in the instance being described. I’ve been a Twitter user since 2007 and I was shocked by what I did not know about Twitter after reading Jessica’s tutorial.

My thanks to Richard Byrne over a Free Technology for Teachers for sharing this resource via, what else, a tweet on Twitter.


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