Website of the Week: Instagrok (Gr. 3-12)

Instagrok – A new way to learn

Instagrok is a new twist on the traditional search engine that utilizes a visual mind map and a sorting outline that organizes results into facts, sites, videos, images, and even quizzes. In the mind map view, clicking on one of the satellite concepts will expand the map to include additional related information. As you click on each concept, the menus on the right-hand side will update with relevant information, links, and media. Clicking on an item in this area will open a new browser tab and take you to the data source.

If you choose to create a free account with Instagrok, then you can take advantage of the Journal feature. This tab allows you to “pin” specific content that you find valuable and save it for later. You can then use the Print button at the bottom to create a study guide for students that can be emailed or uploaded to your classroom website.


  • This is a great website for helping students to focus their searches, especially if they are looking for specific content types like images or video.
  • This is a great tool to integrate with Google Jockey; check out Richard Byrne’s blog post to learn more about Google Jockey.


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