Google Apps Tip – Canned Responses

Do you remember those rubber stamps you could use to quickly mark a bill as being paid or print the words, “Great Job!” on a student worksheet? Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a rubber stamp for replying to some emails?

Enter the Canned Responses lab by Chad P. This lab allows you to prerecord common phrases that you find yourself using a lot when responding to certain emails. If, like me, you’re in an IT support role this is a great tool for letting your users know right away that you have received their email and that you will address their help request as soon as possible. This way they know that you know about their situation and instead of spending your time responding to their help requests you can spend your time actually helping them. Another example might be if you constantly receive requests from students and parents asking for information on homework, field trips, or another information that you have already posted on your website. Create a canned response to quickly send them to your site while you get back to working on the current project.

To enable this gadget on your account, go to the Labs tab in Gmail Settings and search for “response.”

Screenshot of canned responses lab


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