HowTo Tech Tip: Have you checked your Facebook Apps. recently?

Facebook App Check – Who has access?

Last week I was on Facebook and a friend shared a news article that they had read and the title peeked my interest. When I clicked on the link, instead of being directed to the article I was first prompted to allow some App. access to my Facebook account. If I said yes, I would be giving the App. access to some of my personal information and allowing the App. to post content to my wall on my behalf…I don’t think so bucko!

Shortly afterward I came across this great blog post from Richard Byrne over at FreeTech4Teachers where he asks, “Have you checked your Facebook Apps. recently?” Richard talks about what I think is very sound advice regarding the management of your Facebook Apps. and verifying that who has access and to what is okay. Just like spring cleaning your home, you should go into your Facebook settings and “clean house” as it were and get rid of those Apps. that you don’t use anymore and no longer should have access to your information.

Oh, and my answer to Richards’ question: No…but I will now.


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