Website of the Week: Yong’s China Quest Adventure (Gr. 1-7)

Yong’s China Quest Adventure – An interactive learning game

Yong’s China Quest provides an interactive approach to learning about China and Chinese culture. While the site is more game than academic, students will be exposed to bits and pieces of information on clothing, figurines, and weaponry as they try to solve puzzles. Where the real learning takes place is by taking the vocabulary and phrases mentioned and asking students to research them for more information. (For example, what role does the Qilin play in the Chinese culture of the past? How about present day?)


  • Use this site as a fun reward activity for students after putting in some hard work and time into their Chinese studies.
  • As suggested above, have students select a topic mentioned in the game and conduct further research to be shared with the rest of the class. This research extension is what some are calling “Google Jockeying.” More information on what this is can be found on Richard Byrne’s blog Free Technology for Teachers.


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