Website of the Week: Quiz Factor (Gr. 4-12)

Quiz Factor – Free, fun quiz questions and answers online

This UK-based site contains hundreds of online quizzes covering a wide variety of topics. You can search through their general topics list that include Animals & Nature, Geography & Travel, Literature & Books, Music, Science and more, or you can search for topics alphabetically. The site employs three types of quizzes: Time Trials, the Ladder Board, and True/False. With an account (free) you can take advantage of their newest feature: create your own quizzes and host them on the website.

FYI: I tried my luck at the Robin Hood Time Trial quiz and got 16 out of 20. Can you best my score?


  • If you have access to two computers, divide students into teams and challenge them to who can get the best score in a Time Trial quiz.
  • Because the site is not Flash-based, these quizzes can be accessed from an Apple iOS device, such as an iPad or iPod Touch.


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