Website of the Week: Super Teacher Tools

Super Teacher Tools: A collection of FREE Flash-based games and tools

Super Teacher Tools is a library of interactive games and tools for teachers to use to enhance the classroom experience. The list of games is impressive and include well-known titles like Classroom Jeopardy, Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, and Hang Man. The site also includes several customizable tools such as:

  • Board Game, where up to 6 players can navigate a generic game board answering questions you provide.
  • A free printable Seating Chart tool.
  • Create groups of students with their handy Group Maker tool.
  • Forget the popsicle sticks or having to borrow somebody’s hat, use their Random Name Generator instead.

Most of these tools are Flash-based, so unfortunately there is no support on iOS devices (i.e. iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch).


  • Interactive games are always good tools to have handy in order to make review sessions more engaging.
  • Instead of the teacher providing the Q&A’s for the games, have students create this content as a way to demonstrate knowledge of the material. Students could work in groups to create their games, then swap when it comes time to play.


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