Website of the Week: Word Cloud Generators

Word Cloud Generators – The Best 10 Free Word Cloud Tools for Teachers

A Word Cloud is a great way to take a group of words or a piece of text and display them in a different, visual way. Many generators use the frequency that a word appears to determine the font size of that word in the final product (e.g. a word that appears 10 times in a piece will be larger than a word that appears only twice). This article from lists 10 of the best word cloud sites they’ve found and a quick description of their site and services. Some of the sites are free while others require an account to use.


  • Most Word Cloud tools will provide you with a web link or embed coding so that you can add the word cloud to your website or blog for easy sharing.
  • I love tools that allow the classroom teacher to expose students to content in a new way that also can double as a medium in which students can also use them create their own content.
  • Below is a word cloud I made using the site Wordle. The question: What makes someone a possible target to be bullied and/or cyberbullied?

Who are the targets of cyberbullies?


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