Google Apps: QR Codes and Google Docs

QR Codes & Google Docs: Ways to use QR codes in the elementary classroom and using Google Docs to create them

In a post from the blog Inside the Classroom, Outside the Box!,  Jill Thompson walks us through what QR (Quick Response) codes are, web resources for creating them, and how they can be used in the classroom. Jill then goes into detail about how to create multiple QR codes for a unit theme or scavenger hunt using Google Docs, providing step-by-step directions along the way. Check out the comments section at the end of Jill’s post to see the QR code conversation continue.


  • QR codes are a great way to integrate mobile technologies into the classroom. Generators, many of which you can find online, allow you to link these codes to a variety of objects including websites, a text message, an audio recording, and even contact information. Use the search term ‘QR code generator‘ to find a list of free online tools to make your own codes.
  • If you are looking to use QR codes for a scavenger hunt, check out my blog post on the QR Code Generator Treasure Hunt Generator website (scan the code below to visit the site on your mobile device!).

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