Website of the Week: The Economics of Seinfeld (Gr. 7-12)

The Economics of Seinfeld – Connecting video clips to economic concepts

The Economics of Seinfeld has put together a listing of video clips from the popular “show about nothing” known as Seinfeld to help illustrate a variety of economic concepts and topics. The site has connected over 100 video clips to economic concepts such as intellectual property rights, unlimited wants, supply & demand, movement along a demand curve, trade-offs and more. Each video post is accompanied by a description of the clip, the season the episode aired, the duration of the clip, and comments from other users to help expand the discussion.


  • Please note that the site does not host the actual video clips but rather links to them from other sources, so it would be advisable to take the video clip(s) you would like to use in class for a test drive.
  • Ask students to investigate other popular shows and series to find examples to help illustrate the concepts being discussed in class.

For more information, please visit Richard Byrne over at


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