Google Apps – Gmail Tutorial

Gmail Tutorial – A beginners video guide

Of all the Google Apps that are at our disposal, the most common member of their family is the web-based email application ‘Gmail.’ Google has jam-packed their email application with tools to help you easily organize, filter, and be more efficient with your digital mail and contacts. The hard part is learning what these tools are, where they are located, and how to activate them.

The YouTube video below, produced by, does a pretty good job of introducing you to Gmail and several of its basic features. Because it is a screencast tutorial, you get to see what Anson is doing in his Gmail window as he speaks. Additionally, because you are watching a video you can pause, rewind, and playback any part of the tutorial as many times as you need while you explore your own Gmail account settings and available tools.

Email has become an intricate part of both our professional and personal correspondences, and it is to our benefit to learn how to manage this data easily and efficiently.


Additional Google Resources:


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