Website of the Week: Logical Fallacies (Gr. 5-12) – Thou shall not commit

A logical fallacy is “usually what has happened when someone is wrong about something.” The YourLogicalFallacyIs website provides 24 examples of logical fallacies, within which you will find a definition, a description, and an example of the particular fallacy in action. Do you know what a ‘strawman’ is? How about a ‘Texas sharpshooter’ or ‘the loaded question’ fallacy? This site will answer these questions and help you understand how they are used.


  • A free poster is available for download and print so that you can add this resource to your classroom bulletin board.
  • Have students provides their own illustrations or icons to represent a particular fallacy.
  • Collect a series of stories, political speeches, or other pieces of work and ask students to conduct a scavenger hunt looking for particular fallacies. Turn the activity into a bingo game by creating game boards with the site’s free poster or design your own.

Screenshot of the Logical Fallacies homepage

Many thanks to Richard Byrne over at FreeTech4Teachers for re-tweeting this find from Lee Lefever.


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