Google Apps: 80 Ways to Use Google Forms

Google Forms – 80 ways to integrate into the classroom

From the website and recently highlighted by the education foundation, author Jeff Dunn shares a web slideshow created by Tom Barrett outlining 80 ways to use Google Docs/Drive in the classroom through the Forms template. Here are just a few of the ideas that Barrett has gathered:

  • #5 – Find out the truth about e-habits
  • #14 – Get feedback from parents
  • #24 – Analyze your Children’s Self Esteem
  • #31 – Collect creative ideas and biographical details for telling a story
  • #45 – Grade Student Presentations
  • #54 – Create an Annotated Bibliography
  • #66 – Anonymous Course Evaluations
  • #74 – Playing Jeopardy with a Survey Form as the “Buzzer”

Each slide comes with a description of the activity and/or steps for successful integration. Some slides contain links to sample forms that you can use to help you get started. NOTE: Because the slideshow contains 80+ slides, it takes a moment for the widget to load on the page.


  • If you setup your questions to gather quantitative data, then Google Forms will automatically provide a graphical display of the form results to help you (or your students) better visualize what is being said.
  • I’ve started using Google Forms in my 6th grade computer literacy class for tasks such as pre-assessment, what is your digital footprint, video reflections, and end-of-year course feedback. I’ve even had students fill out one form, then share with them the results next class and ask them to reflect on the data using another Google Form.

A set of screenshot samples of different Google Forms

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