Google Apps: Where The Internet Lives

Where The Internet Lives…

When you check your Gmail account for new email, or collaborate on a shared document in Google Drive, or when you simply browse to a website hosted by Google, have you ever wondered where in the world you are going to in order to access this information? Google has provided an answer to this question through a slideshow gallery giving us an inside look into their many data centers located around the world that handle the millions of Internet requests that we make everyday.

Divided into three segments, The Tech section contains images and descriptions about the actual equipment and frameworks Google has constructed to allow its users to access their data in the cloud at anytime from just about anywhere. The People section provides insight into the workers who maintain Google’s hardware and are on-hand to troubleshoot any problems that may arise. The Places section travels around the world to visit where Google has chosen to establish its data centers and employ its support teams in order to provide universal access to their services.


  • Compare and contrast Google’s infrastructure for communicating and sharing information to that of other systems we use today, such as the United States Postal Service.
  • What about comparing Google’s system to others of the past, like the telegraph network or the Pony Express?
  • Have students brainstorm what the next great data sharing network might look like.

A screenshot of 'The Tech' gallery

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