Website of the Week: What makes a good idea?

What’s Obvious to You Is Amazing to Someone Else…

What makes an idea a good one? Who decides the criteria upon which ideas are evaluated on? Can an idea that was bad yesterday suddenly be a good idea today?

To answer these questions, I highly recommend taking two minutes to watch this video by Derek Sivers. Sivers uses simple animation to explain how ideas can work in today’s world of sharing and communicating. After the video, head on over to Richard Byrne’s blog for ideas on how to encourage students to record their ideas and share them with others.


  • Ideas can be shared in a multitude of ways using a variety of media types. Students can use a site like WallWisher to post ideas using virtual sticky notes. How about a classroom wiki like from WikiSpaces to collaborate on a shared idea. Check out the review of the blogging service Posterous by to see how students could use a blog to record ideas no matter how wacky or far out they may be.

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