Google Apps: Google Street View

Google Street View…

When Google came out with their Google Maps service, users could access digital maps from around the world with up-to-date information. Then Google came up with idea of allowing users to pretend as if they were actually standing at a map location and look around 360 degrees at the buildings, landscapes, and people found there. Google calls this feature Street View, but how did they make it happen?

This site showcases the enormous and ongoing project by Google to bring the Street View experience to its users in as many locations around the world as possible. Explore the equipment used to capture views from places like Paris, Tokyo, New York City and many other locations. Learn how they take their digital photos and convert them into 360-degree panoramas so that you can look in any direction. Check out the Google map that shows all of the places where Street View is available. Question: Is Street View present on all seven continents?


  • Street View is an excellent tool for virtual field trips to far away lands, especially when schools are seeing their field trip budgets slashed or eliminated entirely.

A screenshot of the vehicle page of the Google Street View site


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