Website of the Week: Rutgers RIOT (Gr. 6-12)

Rutgers RIOT – Research Information Online Tutorial

Rutgers RIOT is a set of interactive tutorials designed to train students on how to access and be efficient in their use of online researching tools and services. With guidance from Kate, a library and science major, students can become trained in good research skills by progressing through 5 training videos. Video topics include:

  • Selecting a topic
  • Finding sources
  • Selecting keywords
  • Identifying citations
  • Evaluating resources

Videos vary in length from 4 to 9 minutes. Each video includes interactive components to help keep students engaged with the material. Take note of the ‘Summary’ and ‘Helpful Links’ buttons located in the bottom-left corner of the window to access additional explanations and resources.


  • This site could be a helpful introduction to a new unit where research skills will be critical.
  • Contact your school library media specialist to help connect the concepts from the site with the resources that your school already have in place.

Screenshot of RIOT's video directory

Thanks to TeachersFirst for sharing this resource.


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