Google Apps: Advanced Searching in Gmail

Advanced Searching in Gmail – Helpful search operators

In my last post I talked about how to use special ‘search operators’ when conducting a Google Search to help Google return results that are more closely related to the information you are looking for. If you are a Gmail user, then there are special search operators designed specifically for this Google App to help you quickly and efficiently zero in on a specific email or conversation.

For example, you can search for emails that have attachments by using the operator filename: (Ex. filename: agenda.doc – this will look for messages that have an attachment called ‘agenda.doc’). In another example, by default Gmail does not search for items that may be in your Spam or Trash labels. You can instruct Gmail to do a truly global search by using the operator anywhere: (Ex. anywhere: minutes – this will search for any messages containing the word ‘minutes’). There are many other operators that will let you search Gmail by label, starred items, before a date, after a date, between two dates, and many more.

A sampling of some of these search operators is covered below in a video from Techzilla; the full list of operators can be viewed on Google’s Gmail Help site.

My thanks to for tweeting this video and Techzilla for sharing the link to Google’s full list of Gmail search operators.


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