Website of the Week: Edcanvas (K-12)

Edcanvas – The one place to go to organize, present, and share knowledge

Edcanvas is a media management site, allowing you to combine information from a variety of formats into a slideshow-like presentation. Within each project you can create canvases that hold basic text, documents you previously created and uploaded, images, YouTube videos, and links to other websites. Before you go and make your own, conduct a search of the site to see what other teachers have already created and shared. Scroll down on the site’s homepage to the “What great educators are creating” section to see a sampling of canvases created by fellow educators and updated in real time. Remember, don’t re-invent the wheel if you don’t have to!

An account is required to create a canvas as well as favorite ones you find. Account creation is free and can be linked to a Google account for students, or a Google or Facebook account for teachers.


  • This is a great tool for organizing multiple types of media into one place that is easily accessible to students online regardless of the device they are using.
  • As always, if you incorporate someone else’s Edcanvas into your lesson please provide credit to the original author through proper citation.

Edcanvas website screenshot

Thanks to TeachersFirst for sharing this resource.

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