Website of the Week: I Fake Text (Gr. 2-12)

I Fake Text – The first iPhone text message screenshot generator

I Fake Text is a simple web tool that allows you to create custom text message conversations that looks like they actually took place on an Apple iPhone device. Select the phone service carrier you would like displayed at the top of the iPhone, then provide the character names and dialog in the box provided. It is important to verify that your text adheres to the formatting example provided. Click the ‘Create Your Screenshot’ button to complete the transformation.

NOTE: If you’d like to go high-tech and have a fake conversation with Siri, check out the website: I Fake Siri.


  • Use this tool to create authentic cyberbullying, phishing, and other examples of bad netiquette as part of an Internet Safety unit.
  • Have students create conversations with this 21st century tool between characters from other time periods. For example, what sort of texts would Paul Revere have sent during his midnight ride to warn that the British were coming, or Napoleon to his captains within the Spanish Armada?

screenshot of an ifaketext text message example

Thanks to TeachersFirst for sharing this resource.


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