Website of the Week: ChemRef’s Periodic Table (Gr. 6-12)

ChemReference – Periodic Table & Reference tool

ChemReference’s interactive Periodic Table tool allows students to explore and investigate the current inventory of elements. Use the colored buttons just above the table to isolate different groups of elements, from nonmetals to halogens and noble gases. Click on any element to view a detailed description of that element in the right-hand control panel. Click on the various descriptors within the panel to view relationships with respect to mass, melting/boiling points, electronegativity, and more. Don’t forget to check out the navigation bar on the far-right side of the window to access a visual map of the element as well as links to Wikipedia and other supplemental materials. NOTE: This sit does contain ad banners.


  • This is a great resource to use with lessons that ask students to compare and contrast elements based on a variety of attributes.
  • Some of the information in the element descriptor box may be challenging for students, but could also be used in conjunction with a Google ‘jockey’ assignment to see who can come up with a friendly definition first.

A detailed window of the element Hydrogen

Thanks to TeachersFirst for sharing this resource.


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