Website of the Week: Essential Apps for Kids & Teens (Gr. K-12)

Essential Apps for Kids & Teens: Starter kits for portable devices

From the people at Common Sense Media, this article provides an independent evaluation of the top apps to consider getting for your child or students. Apps are first divided into groups by device: (iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch, Android, and Kindle Fire), then by age group: (ages 2-6, 7-12, and 13-17). After you specify your device and age group, you will see a listing of the 5-10 most popular apps. Each listing comes with a description and a link to the corresponding app store for your convenience.


  • If your school and/or classroom has access to any of these portable devices, then take a look at these apps to see if any would help with the review of key concepts. If you don’t have access to devices in school, then these could be suggestions to parents as resources to help reinforce learning at home.
  • Talking up these educational apps with students can help teach them how to use their portable devices in a positive, educational way while still having fun at the same time.

iPhone App, ages 7-12


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