Website of the Week: SMS Generator (Gr. K-12)

SMS Generator – Creating text message conversations

A while back I highlighted two web tools that allow you to create short conversations as if you were using your Apple iPhone device: ifaketext and I’d like to add another web tool to this list with the introduction of SMS Generator, created by Russel Tarr at While the concept is the same as the ‘iFake’ web tools, SMS Generator gives you more control over the conversation by interacting directly in the iPhone emulator. Additionally, you are not restricted by the size of the window for the length of your conversation so your conversation can go through multiple back-and-forth’s between users. Another added bonus is the ability to save your conversation: you will get a unique URL to write down which can be used to access and even edit the conversation later. Additionally, once you have saved your conversation you can now utilize any of the three share options: URL link/embed code, QR code, or download a web shortcut.


  • Just as with the ‘iFake’ web tools, have students use SMS Generator to create text message conversations between historical figures or fictional characters.
  • Use to build conversations between all types of characters to help illustrate concepts, such as vowels talking about the long and short sounds, elements talking about their special properties, parts of speech debating who is more important in a sentence, etc.

Text message conversation sample screenshot

Thanks goes to for sharing this find.

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