Embedding a YouTube Playlist

When building webpages that will contain lots of media, I try to be cognizant of how much I put on a single page and how it will affect its ability to load in a timely matter. Embedded YouTube videos don’t put much of a strain on this process…that is, until you have 10+ embedded videos on a page.  I wondered if Google Sites would support embedding a YouTube playlist, and the answer is yes.

You will need to get the embed code for the playlist from YouTube, then use the Insert -> More gadgets… tool to grab the embed gadget. When complete, users can select from any video in your playlist using a drop-down menu located in the top-left corner of the YouTube interface on your webpage. I successfully used this for a playlist of student projects/presentations I’ve published as well as my tutorials playlist. You can see the finish product by clicking here

YouTube Embed Code image


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