Twitter 101

Twitter is one of many social networking services out there on the web that teachers have realized has possibilities for classroom integration. Resources have cropped up to help teachers, students, and parents learn how to use Twitter and the positive ways that it can be applied to teaching and learning. Edutopia recently published a great article containing two such resources:

The first is a special hashtag used within Twitter itself by users who want to share helpful tips, guides, and resources for teachers and parents new to the Twitter-verse. If you already have an account then you can perform a search using the hashtag #Nt2T (New Teachers to Twitter) in the website’s search bar to view this ever-growing list. If you don’t have a Twitter account yet, you can still access the hashtag resources by clicking here.

The second is a Twitter 101 eCourse by Joe Mazza. There are five parts to the eCourse, starting with the basics and working up to finding and connecting with others in the Twitter-verse. Each part contains an embedded YouTube video to walk you through the information.

A final resource is one that I’ve blogged about in the past: Mom, This is How Twitter Works. This site explains the vocabulary, how replies work, what it means to retweet, hashtags, and more. Each description comes with clear examples to illustrate the term and/or concept. Check out my blog post here or go directly to the site.


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