Trading Card Creator

Trading Card Creator – Student interactive activity

From the website, the Trading Card Creator is a great interactive tool for students to use to add some excitement to a research project. There are seven different card topics to choose from including people, places, and events – both real and fictional. Which card topic they choose will determine the card layout. As students click on each section, the application displays bubbles with helpful tips for students as to what types of information could be entered. Once complete, students may save their trading card or print it out.


  • The Trading Card Creator is available both as a web-based application and an iOS app for the iPad, so if you don’t have enough of the same type of technology for your whole class then you could mix and match. Please note that the projects are not necessarily transferrable between computer and iPad though. There is no login required for the web-based version, and students can save their projects as a .rwt file if they need to finish their card at a later date. The iPad app requires students to create a username in order to save projects and keep them separate, but no passwords are used. Finished projects can be transferred the the iPad’s camera role.
  • If you scroll down past the app entry window on their website then you can access lists of lessons plans (organized by grade level) that use this interactive tool as well as related classroom and professional development resources.

Web application

TradingCardCreator Screenshot


iOS app.

TradingCardCreator iOS app


Thanks to FreeTech4Teachers for tweeting about this very cool resource.

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