Smarty Pins

Smarty Pins – A Google Maps game

Smarty Pins is a web-based interactive game created by Google that integrates trivia questions with map skills. Choose from six different trivia categories including current events, science, sports, and more. Click on ‘Featured Topics’ to access trivia questions that are currently trending on the web.

After choosing a topic, your trivia question will be displayed in a box in the top-left corner of the page and a large, red push-pin will be provided to your right. Click-&-drag the pin as close to the location you think answers the question (use the plus/minus sign buttons in the bottom-right of the map to zoom in/out). Once you drop the pin, you have as many chances to change your answer (i.e. move the pin) as you want. When you think you’ve got the right location, click the ‘Submit answer’ button beneath the pin to see how you did. Points are earned based on how close your pin is to the correct location. Bonus points are earned for a speedy answer, and if you get stuck Google will give you a hint to try and help.


  • This site would integrate well with an interactive whiteboard configuration.
  • Include additional students by assigning them to ‘lifeline’ roles. These students could act as “Google Jockey’s,” who work from other devices and try to Google the answer. Other lifeline roles could include “phone-a-friend,” “poll the audience,” or “ask an expert.”

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 10.21.55 AM


Thanks to Larry Ferlazzo for sharing this resource.



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