Garfield Comics + Online Safety + iOS

Garfield is a fat, orange, tabby who loves lasagna, enjoys picking on his owner Jon Arbuckle, and HATES Mondays. In the 36 years since Garfield was born, these tails haven’t changed much. However, in the 21st Century Garfield has developed a passion for Internet Safety and a hatred of cyberbullying.

Garfield and his friends have put together a series of iOS apps to help elementary students with these and other digital citizenship concepts:

Professor Garfield: Online Safety

  • Nermal gets schooled by Professor Garfield on the Do’s and Don’ts of keeping his personal information safe online.

Professor Garfield: Fact or Opinion

  • When Nermal receives a poor grade on his report, Garfield investigates and discovers that Nermal got some of his information from websites that may not be so trustworthy.

Professor Garfield: Cyberbullying

  • When Nermal tries to enter the “Animal Idol” competition, little does he know that two dogs from down the street are planning to humiliate him online using email and social networking sites.

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 2.42.18 PM

Thanks to iPadApps4School for blogging about this resource.


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