Chrome, No Internet Access, & T-Rex

If you’re browsing the Internet and suddenly lose your connectionGoogle's T-Rex then your browser will inevitably display a blank page and perhaps some sort of an error message, neither of which does much to console you or provide an explanation for the outage. The Google Chrome browser is no different, although they do sympathize with your predicament. So, as a consolation prize enter the famous dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex for short).

When you see the dinosaur, press the spacebar. T-Rex will jump in the air and then start of on an adventure across the Internet desert in a simple side-scrolling game. Use the spacebar to jump over any objects you encounter (mostly cacti) and try to beat your top score.

Losing access to the Internet is not fun, but if you’re using Chrome then at least you can help T-Rex get some exercise while you wait.

Chrome's T-Rex side-scrolling game



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