Is It Down Right Now?

Is It Down Right Now? – Check the online status of a website.

We’ve all been there: you try to access a website and watch as the progress bar stalls in place.

  • Did I type the website address in correctly?
  • Is my bookmark out-of-date?
  • Is the website down right now?
  • Is my ISP (Internet Service Provider) working and/or is my WiFi okay?

Once you’ve verified that you didn’t “fat-finger” the web address and before you call your ISP, try browsing to ( for short). This site lists 38 popular websites, their online status, and when their status was last verified. If your website isn’t listed, then copy-&-paste the site URL into the box at the top of the page. Once you have determined that a site is indeed down there’s not much you can do about it, but isn’t it nice to know that 1.) it’s not just you, and 2.) you’re not alone.

Is it down right now site screenshot

If you’d like a second opinion, copy-&-paste the website URL into Down For Everyone Or Just Me? ( for short).

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