My Digital Life – Traditional Media 2.0

Upon reflection of my discussions with my students about the role that media plays in our lives, I realized that my treatment of traditional media was perhaps too harsh. I mean, as digital media began to grow in popularity it wasn’t like television, newspapers, and radio simply rolled over and waited for the end to come. In fact, they have put forth a lot of effort to compete and even embrace the power of digital media and I wanted to see if my students were aware of this.

Some of their efforts students were very much aware of, especially when it comes to reality TV shows where audiences can affect the outcome of the show by sending in their votes via text message.  They also weren’t surprised that newspapers and magazines have published their content on the web as well as in print (although many were surprised when I pointed out then even their local town paper published online). Others such as social media #hashtags in the bottom corners of TV shows and bonus material on their websites students did not readily think of. But enough of all that. The real question was how to illustrate this transformation of traditional media into the digital world?

The answer: Adults React to The View-Master 2.0


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